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Newly arrived in or around Valence ?

If you are at least 16 wherever you are coming from, WELCOME at the Maison Des Solidarités Nelson Mandela !

If you want to learn French you can register from the beginning of September and any time in the year. The various courses will start at the end of September.

To get help to fill official forms or legal advice you must come to our office. No appointment is needed.

Membership fees : 8 euros a year


At the Maison Des Solidarités Nelson Mandela we aim at giving every person who comes the means and keys to understand French society and culture while sharing the values of equality, solidarity, tolerance, mutual respect of personal convictions. 


So why not visit us ?

To come to our place from the town-center, take bus 1 and get off at the " Mireille" stop.

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